An Open Letter to Nicole

Following is a letter written by other women who have also thrown their support behind Nicole. She needs our moral support, especially now that she is to take the witness stand for the first time and will have to relive her ordeal there in front of so many people.


It is never easy for anyone to come out and tell the judgmental society that you were raped. Yet, it is more difficult to courageously struggle for justice when you are faced with US Soldiers who are protected by both the US government and ours.

So for you, Kabaro, we extend our pledge to be with you in your quest for justice.

Your struggle and your family’s is also the struggle of Filipino women who sympathize with you. You, Kabaro, bind women together. All women wish that violence and abuse directed towards her sisters would stop. Moreover, your courage to look for justice encourages other women victims of violence and abuse to seek retribution and castigate their perpetrators.

And as your struggle progresses, we are further awed by your determination despite the defense’s dirty maneuvers. And we can only feel anger towards the negligence of those who should be helping you in the first place yet have the gall to protect your rapists.

Kabaro, you should know that your courage and determination to obtain justice gives us reason to support you. Our support, Kabaro, only symbolizes the support of a greater number of women. Victims or not, we hope you get the justice you deserve. Let our _expression of solidarity be another source of strength and determination. It goes without saying that we believe justice will eventually be served.

For the Filipino women,

Noted By:

Emmi De Jesus
GABRIELA Secretary General


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