Is he really just a spiritual adviser?

This is a repost from the International Herald Tribune. Read it and tell us what you think.

Priest backs marines, angering Filipinos

By Seth Mydans

MANILA – Leaning forward in his wheelchair at the front of a courtroom is a small, bald man in a crisply ironed white cassock, his eyes darting from witness to judge to angry lawyer, drawing his own conclusions.

“I think it was seduction,” said the man in the cassock, James Reuter, of the highly charged case in which four U.S. Marines are accused of raping a Filipino woman.

“She was 22 and Danny was 19,” said Reuter, 90, an American Jesuit priest who has lived in the Philippines for most of his life.

“The only one accused of touching her is Danny, the baby boy,” he said, referring to Lance Corporal Daniel Smith, who is at the center of the case.

The words have a discordant ring in a trial that has been cast by nationalists and women’s rights groups as a symbol of U.S. abuse and exploitation of its former colony.

They come as a particular surprise from Reuter, whose fondness for the Philippines and high-profile involvement in public affairs have offered a contrasting view of the U.S. presence here.

He has no formal role in the case but has taken it upon himself to be not only a spiritual adviser but also an energetic advocate for the marines. “I don’t think they’re guilty,” he said, “not a bit.”

In taking the side of his countrymen he has gambled a lifetime of affection and respect that has led people here to embrace him as one of their own – “more Filipino than many Filipinos” in the words of one admirer. In 1996 the Philippine Congress awarded him honorary citizenship.

Reuter first came to the Philippines as a Jesuit missionary in 1938. He was imprisoned by the Japanese for more than three years during their World War II occupation of the Philippines, then plunged full-tilt into the life of the country.

As part of the Jesuit mission here, he has written and staged dozens of plays, organized singing groups, written newspaper columns and appeared on television and radio. He helped set up the Catholic radio station, Radio Veritas, and still serves as director for mass communications for the Catholic Church.

During the martial-law regime of the former president, Ferdinand Marcos, he spent two years under house arrest in the 1970s for publishing critical articles in a church journal.

People who have worked and studied with him call themselves “Reuter babies” and refer to him as Papa Bear. His office is adorned with teddy bears brought by visitors.

So his involvement in the nationally polarized case has been a puzzle to many people here. Not surprisingly, some of the sharpest words come from the lead prosecutor, Evalyn Ursua.

“I feel pity for Father Reuter, who has been such a respected priest in the country for so long,” she said during a break in testimony recently. “I think he is allowing his position to be used as a propaganda ploy to deodorize the accused. And for that reason alone I have lost all respect for him. Obviously his nationality is a paramount factor of his being on that side.”

Reuter has an innocent look, wheelchair-bound because of arthritis and a recent bout with pneumonia. But he has never been as mild as the statues of the Virgin Mary cluttering his office would suggest.

“Let’s be polite to everybody so they will treat us with love,” he said dryly as he entered the courthouse. Anti-American chants from members of the women’s rights group Gabriela echoed in the hallway.

“Oh my, oh my,” he said, when told of Ursua’s remarks. “In the beginning she took about 15 minutes to come out with a diatribe against the VFA,” the Visiting Forces Agreement that allows the presence of U.S. troops in the Philippines.

“I’m not doing this because I’m an American,” he said. “The reporters run after me. They say, ‘Why are you with the Americans?’ I tell them, ‘Because I’m a priest, for heaven’s sake. I deal with Filipinos 99 percent of the time. Now I’m asked by an American. Am I going to say no?'”

Beyond that, he said, “I think those guys are getting a pretty rough deal. The poor guys have nobody to back them up. They’re nice guys, clean cut guys. Especially the one who’s going to get it in the neck, Danny Smith.”

The four marines are accused of the rape while riding in a van last November on the former U.S. naval base at Subic Bay, which reverted to Philippine control in 1992. According to testimony in the case, three of them cheered on Smith as he had sex with a woman they had just met in a bar, then left her lying by the road and drove away.

The case has become a rallying cry for people who want to expel U.S. soldiers altogether from the country.

But Reuter has little use for the kind of ritualized nationalist outrage that leads to periodic demonstrations in front of the U.S. Embassy. “They bring a mob,” he said. “They’re always the same guys.”

But Reuter knows better. Beneath its self-doubts and feelings of inferiority, this is a nation that loves the United States as few others do, and Reuter has returned that love. “It’s the people,” he said. “The people are the most lovable in the world, very generous. They are suffering but they are very prayerful. They manage to smile no matter how hard things get.”

Perhaps, though, at this late stage in his life, some small recalibration was needed.

“I am very content to be heart and soul with the Philippines and live and die here,” he said. “But I still hold on to that commitment of being an American.”

It was the U.S. Army that drove the Japanese from the Philippines and liberated his prison camp in 1945, and that moment of jubilation and gratitude has never left him.

“That’s when I knew what it was to have a country,” he said. “That’s when I made up my mind that I would never change my citizenship.”

When he speaks of the Philippines he allows himself to use the word “we.”

“Are we poor?” he said. “Yes we are. Are we getting poorer? Yes we are. How is it going to be getting better? I don’t know.”

It seems a discouraging assessment after nearly 70 years in the Philippines, but by profession, Reuter has no choice but to be an optimist. “I think somehow God will take care of us.

“That’s doesn’t sound like an economic plan, but that’s what I think.”



  1. nastypen said,

    September 6, 2006 at 2:19 pm

    This article turned my stomach and somehow was ashamed for the jesuit education of the Philippines. It is difficult to separate James Reuter from the atenean system and his thoughts made me want to hurl

  2. Melba said,

    September 6, 2006 at 5:51 pm

    Perhaps most of the Aware and Thinking Catholics can point to the fact that Fr. JamesReuter, a Jesuit, was acting more than just a spiritual advisor to the American GIs accused in the Subic Rape Case. And if he, indeed, is acting like one, it can be argued that he tends to overdo such a holy function.

    The usual spiritual advisor I encounter in my circle are considered one who is attuned with their faith through thick and thin, wiser both by knowledge and experience, respected and admired by the community they serve and those who are expected to remain objective even in matters so sensitive. They guide, help explore and identify options for decision making based on the practiced faith to help individuals remain attuned to his God, steadfast in their faith, remain in loving relationships with their brethren as they assume faithful practice in all their dealings.

    But to Pass judgment on a woman who, witnesses saw, was thrashed at the roadside and treated like a pig, scrambling for her clothes and pleading for justice against a brutal act rape is never an act of a Spiritual Advisor, more so, a Jesuit Priest.

    Reuter thought he could influence everyone on his side. Well, I would have understood and remained respectful to Fr. Reuter if he insisted that people must allow the rule of law to pass verdict on the US Marines over the rape case. This is an act of a Priest. But utterance of his own unsolicited macho analysis that the GIs (who were drunk and brought condoms with them), were seduced by “Nicole”, is truly preposterous!

    I don’t know if priesthood gave him the idea that a woman can never be attractive only seductive in the eyes of man especially if she is older by 3 years or more. As a priest, it would have been more ethical if he refrained from justifying his vocal bias against Nicole in the guise of performing his priestly duties because indeed, this very act goes against every fiber of the pastoral functions in the community of Christian believers.

    Having worked with Diocesans and in a Jesuit University for years, I noted that even the priests usually don’t share a common stand on socio-political issues and that they would rather remain careful by not giving away both solicited and unsolicited political or moral statements that may be prejudicial to issues at hand affecting the society in general especially if these await court verdicts. This, in my observation, maybe the reason why the Jesuits and other Orders don’t usually make collective pronouncements, even in times most crucial like a brewing civil strife. Further, ever noticed how the CBCP balked and became cautious in matters that were otherwise clear and obvious?

    One thing is clear, dragging and dangling Fr. Reuter in case as the vocal “Spiritual Advisor cum Spokesman” of the GIs is a psycho-socio-political machination to entice the senses of Filipinos who are predominantly religious. The Filipino’s penchant to “secure and respect the sacred and abhor the blasphemous” must have been in the minds of those who got him to score sympathies from the “religious citizenry”. On account of influence, who else would be willing to argue with a priest?

    I just wondered, whether all of the GIs were Catholics that they all ran to Fr. Reuter for “advise and comfort”, when the country is teeming with varied denominations and preachers, mostly Americans. Surely, there are other brilliant American Catholics priests to run to. But why Fr. Reuter? Ah, perhaps because their lawyers were, mostly if not, all are from the Ateneo, (although Nicole was also a graduate of Ateneo de Davao) so they got a Jesuit priest.. Another point is, perhaps they capitalized on his being well-loved by the Filipinos for his work in Theater and Mass Media, and when he became one of loudest priest next to the late Cardinal Sin during the EDSA I.

    Oh! How this country can be so obliging to and sometimes almost to the point of venerating these religious leaders, that all of a sudden they just multiplied and bombarded the boob tube! Even Presidents and presidentiables seek out their nods to assure of electoral votes.
    They are the only professed poor and chaste but powerful. If a priests runs off with a woman, they blame the girl for “seducing the priest”. If he is accused of rape, they similarly blame the male/female victim for concocting lies against a holy man, or alleged that it was an act of deliberate seduction to the lowly shepherd that causes his downfall. How many priests or religious were ever found guilty or even just tried to appease and vindicate the victims? Maybe there are a few. Until now, society firmly denies the truth that like any human male priests are capable of initiating, inducing, and perpetrating such abuses. And so what happens to these cases? Here in my city, most of the victims are just left to fend for themselves against the taunting, disgust and ridicule of the “faithfuls” while most of these priests are asked to take a respite from their pastoral duties and after months or years later they you just learn that they are assigned somewhere else.

    This brings forth the idea that Priests are icons of the ecclesial community. They are respected and revered. So why not Fr. Reuter indeed, when he is an Icon in the realm of Spirituality, Religion, Education, Mass Media and Politics of this country.. I was just amazed at how focus he was in counting the minutes it took for Atty. Evalyn Ursua to argue why VFA must not be used to enslave the Filipino citizenry while shielding and condoning the accused. This only proves that he never intended to listen to the other side, that of ”Nicole” And he calls himself a Priest!

    The passion of the Atty. Ursua was understandable primarily she is a woman, secondly a Filipina. She has been, for years, defending women who are victims of different abuses especially rape. I might be wrong but I have not heard of Fr. Reuter being very vocal about defending women who are victims of abuses so I cannot comprehend his passion for defending the accused US Marines other than his being an American and definitely, not by being a priest.

    To me he just turned out to be just one of those men who carry in their hearts the incessant propensity to enslave and indignify a woman. At least I had was given the chance to see this side of him that I am able to visualize clearly how his presumed holiness was just a delusion and an illusion to the “poorer and the economically uncertain Filipinos”. In closing considering his prejudices towards “Nicole”, good thing he was never there when Mary conceived of Jesus Christ immaculately, or else he would have accounted that phenomenon as another act of Wanton Seduction.

  3. Schumey said,

    September 7, 2006 at 11:37 am

    Rape knows no creed, religion or color. Rape is rape. Being a priest, he should know that. Smith’s boyish innocent looks is not a passport to freedom. Even young boys can rape and this is a fact. After years of admiring him, I lost it all in an instant.

  4. roselle rivera said,

    September 7, 2006 at 12:54 pm

    I would like to share my email below to my high school egroup—which was written a few months back. It was about Father Reuter, since he was emailing around for people to pray. I really anticipated that he would be coming out so strongly FOR the American marines and the media picking up his views and that’s why I was very very sad when I read that recent article in the International Herald Tribune.

    Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 2:06 AM
    Subject: [76] father reuter’s prayers

    dear rommel
    thank you for sharing father reuter’s prayer call below.

    father reuter has been in the Philippines for a loooong time. this american priest has worked with all kinds of filipinos–good, bad, rich, poor, ugly, beautiful, fat ( like me), thin, and all shapes and sizes and forms. i think he must be mga almost 90 years old.

    I cant forget him since he was sitting in front of me a few months ago inside the courtroom during the first first hearing at makati city hall during the arraignment of the 4 subic marine officers for the rape of a filipino woman. the women’s groups ( who have very very limited resources with no corporate lawyers unlike the defense) have been helping the rape victim-survivor of this case. I myself have worked with survivor support groups and many overnight meetings and workshops were even held in my own home.

    anyway, going back to father reuter, he reminded me of that movie, dead man walking where susan saradon played the role of a nun who counseled the rapist in jail . father reuter spoke in behalf of the american marines. the american marines have found a willing but misinformed ally in father reuter. because of my long experience in work with women in communities, my first reaction, like most of my close friends working on the subic rape case, was to be very very angry at father reuter beause I thought, My Goddess, he has been here for so long in our country, he grew old in our country helping so many Filipino people — why did he choose to be high profile in a very political case like this?

    But after all is said and done, he is just a old priest and at his age, he did what he thought was right. People are entitled to make their choices whatever anyone or everyone else might say. That’s life. As Robin Padilla (or was this fernando poe?) would say, trabaho lang yan, walang personalan.

    But rape is rape and we just cant allow men to go scott free after violating a woman’s person.

    My first reaction to that email you sent of father reuter emailing his prayers — I was very emotional seeing his name again. I was very concerned that his next email might be calling for prayers the 4 US marines who raped my friend.


    Rommel Tilllah wrote:
    Kindly read the article by Fr. James Reuter, SJ
    Please answer Fr. Reuter’s appeal. It’s really simple.
    As suggested by Fr. Reuter, we are launching an
    e-mail prayer brigade. Read below.

    Thanks ang God bless to all!


  5. Arnold said,

    September 8, 2006 at 5:53 am

    Just what one would expect- mob mentality! You are all judge, jury and hangman. Pati na yung pari, na hinlalaki man lang ng kanyang daliri ay di ninyo mapantayan, iyan naman ngayon ang nilalapastagan ninyo. Hindi ang pagkapari ang kinukulo ng buche ninyo ano. Amerikano kasi. Iyan ang tunay na dahilan.

    Shumey, sino ka ba? Sino ang nagbigay sa iyo ng karapatang humatol? Ikaw naman melba, di pwedeng humatol ang iba, pero ikaw pwede! Ikaw naman roselle rivera, for your information, si reuter ang nilapitan at hiningian ng tulong. Hindi siya ang nagprisinta ng sarili niya.

    So, roselle, kung ikaw ay nasa ibang bayan, kilala at maka-dios, at hingian ng tulong ng kababayan mo, ano sagot mo? Ay, di pwede, high profile yang kaso kasi. It just goes to show, what type of character you have.

    Nahihibang kayo sa inyong galit. Hindi na kayo makapag-isip. You actions are nothing but actions of a lynch mob!

  6. aileen estoquia said,

    September 8, 2006 at 8:07 am

    these people have the right to support nicole just as you have the right not to. leave them to say whatever it is they want to say. don’t attack.

    and please don’t think you’re the only one thinking here. i am one of nicole’s supporters and i am proud to say that i thought things over and arrived at my own conclusions. no mob ever pressured me.

  7. dioseffe said,

    September 8, 2006 at 11:41 am

    first, i would like to clarify that even if you are a prostituted woman, it doesn’t give any justifications for you to be raped! REMEMBER THAT! Hindi tamang dahilan na baka sineduce ni “nicole” si Daniel kaya siya na-rape. sorry for the term, pero tanga at bobo lang ang taong magsasabi nang ganong dahilan. uulitin ko po, kahit pa ang mga sinasabing mga prostitute or in street jargon ‘pokpok’ eh hindi entitled na ma-rape. hindi un justification. no woman would like to be raped in the first place.

    another thing, ung mga taong wala talagang alam sa mga nangyari ay sana manahimik na lang. shut the fuck up! am i right ‘ARNOLD’!?! sana kung di makakatulong ang sasabihin just shut up. or if u cant control that asshole of yours better go somewhere where u can blow your shit. next time bago magsalita eh matuto muna mag-analyze ng mga bagay-bagay.

    the problem wid some stupid people, satsat ng satsat – hindi naman alam ang sinasabi. may masabi lang, makapagpasikat lang, makita lang ng marunong magsalita. im not saying that u shud not go on whatever side u wanna go, just look at the both sides of the story first. it is ur right na pumili ng papanigan. pero matuto naman kayong magsuri. may utak kayo. gamitin ninyo!!!

  8. Arnold said,

    September 8, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    dioseffe, why don’t you follow your good advice and shut that foul trap in your face. Analyze ng bagay-bagay. Ano ba analysis mo? Yang “fuck up?” Ang kailangan ay e analyse mo yang maruming bunganga mo.

  9. Melba said,

    September 9, 2006 at 5:45 am

    Thanks for reading arnold. Glad you took the time.

  10. Jose Lopez said,

    September 10, 2006 at 6:18 pm

    With all due respect to Fr. Reuter. I think he should not draw quick conclusions. Supporting the American servicemen is one thing … concluding that all this was “seduction” is another. Dear Father … kindly give the Philippine judicial system the chance to make its INFORMED conclusions.

  11. roselle rivera said,

    September 11, 2006 at 9:31 am

    dear arnold– di na kita papatulan sa galit mo. mukhang malalim ang pinangagalingan nitong galit mo. meron pong tinatawag na “netiquette” sa mundo ng batbatan ng pinaniniwalaaan. from roselle
    it is impossible to transform centuries of patriarchy at one click of a finger. very difficult to change overnight. but what gives us inspiration to continue an uphill battle for change, for transformation is the tireless work of committed women’s organizations from many many countries all over the world — counselling hundreds of women survivors of violence, running shelters for traumatized women and defenseless children, holding women’s rights seminars in poor communities, vigorously lobbying to change outdated laws— slowly. one day at a time.

    who knows? there may even be hope for angry and seemingly uncaring people like arnold……. to evolve into a violence-against-women-advocate.
    wow with a capital W. i look forward to that day!

  12. dioseffe said,

    September 11, 2006 at 11:49 am


    well, para po sa kaalaman ninyo. i have attended the hearing for so many times. i’ve known nicole personally. un lng naman keia alam ku ang sinasabi kO. at kilala ko lang naman po ang kanyang private lawyer kaya sabihin na nating ALAM KO ANG BUONG ISTORYA!


    watz wrong with wat i’ve said. i have ol d ryts in saying wat i wnt sa kung anong karapatan din ang meion kau. now, gusto kong ulit-ulitin hangang mabingi kayo. that even prostituted women does not give anyone the right to commit rape.

    know what ARNOLD… hindi ko alam kung san mo nakuha ang mga stand mo. all i know is that even in traditional academic teachings hindi itinuturo ang pagpanig sa MALI!

    and lastly, know how to indulge sa discussion. ang pinopokosan po ay ang content ng sinasabi not the way of delivering it. again, gamitin ang UTAK!=)

  13. Anonymous said,

    September 20, 2006 at 1:03 am

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006
    CPO frees cop accused of rape
    The City Prosecution Office (CPO) has found that the evidence against a ranking police official are insufficient to pin him for the rape of a 17-year-old commercial sex worker inside a hotel in Davao City last year.
    City prosecutor Raul Bendigo approved the resolution of government prosecutor Arlene Pala-brica dropping the rape charges against Chief Inspector Roland Vilela, chief of the Anti-Vice Section of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO).

    In a resolution, Pala-brica ruled that the girl failed to substantiate and present concrete evidence to hold the police officer for trial in court to the offense charged.

    In her complaint, the girl alleged that the police officer sexually abused her inside Evergreen Hotel at around 6 p.m. on October 22, 2005.

    The girl narrated that in the evening of October 21, 2005, she went to Vilela’s office to seek assistance for her plan to sue her aunt for pushing her into prostitution.

    She said Vilela told her he could not help her at that time since they had an operation that night.

    The girl said the police officer gave her P1,000 to pay for her stay at Radiance Inn near Camp Domingo Leonor along with her cousin. The girl, however, stayed at Evergreen Hotel.

    The girl said the next day, she called Vilela to follow up her complaint against her aunt, but she said she went back to the hotel since she was afraid her aunt would discover her plan if she would be seen at Vilela’s office.

    She said in the evening of October 22, 2005, Vilela arrived at her hotel room and forced her to have sex with him at gunpoint. The girl said she was forced to have sex twice that night.

    She said when Vilela failed to make good his promise to help her in filing her case, she decided to reveal her ordeal to the police and sued him.

    In his defense, Vilela denied having sexual intercourse with the girl and claimed he was at his residence when the alleged rape happened.

    Palabrica said the pieces of evidence presented by the complainant was too weak to indict the official. Assessing the evidence on record, Palabrica ruled to drop the charges for insufficiency of evidence.


  14. Melba said,

    September 20, 2006 at 5:35 am

    It is too sad. Here in Davao, both militant and moderate women are visible and active in their fight against all forms of women violence.

    Women empowerment is well-founded in the city, proof of that is the first ever Women’s Development Code that was established as a reflection of this empowered movement.

    Sadly, most failure in pursuing rape and harassment cases boil down to
    judges’, state prosecutors’ and other authority’s belief that rape is not pos sible or whatever their reasons are. They just conclude that all pieces of evidence presented by the complainant were weak and could not prove that rape took place.

    Maybe, the evidence they are looking for is the dead body of the victim. Until then will they believe she has been raped.

    But then again….. most of us davaoenos would surmise that dead bodies found in davao city are usually those of suspected drug pushers or drug addicts.

    Haay…..truly a long way to go and an uphill battle to win.

  15. Anonymous said,

    October 6, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    Hey DiOsEffE, hindi pa napapatunayan ni nicole na na rape sya. Bakit kung magsalita ka, parang ikaw lang ang nakakaintindi ng lahat ng bagay? Ang ibig mo bang sabihin, ang mga matatalino at nakakaintindi lang ay yung mga sumusuporta kay nicole? At pag hindi sumuporta kay nicole ay bobo at tanga na kaagad sa paningin mo. Well, kung yan ang pamantayan mo, bahala ka. Sana ay maghintay na muna kayo ng kalalabasan ng kaso, bago kayo magsalita ng masama sa ibang tao. At pwede ba, tigilan mo na ang kasasabi mo jan ng bobo at tanga. Napansin ko lang kasi sa kahit anong topic dito, ay lagi kang may binabanggit na “tanga at bobo”, ganyan ka rin ba kay nicole? By the way, i am one of the supporter of nicole.

  16. October 8, 2006 at 3:54 am

    ikaw ang may sabi nyan. kahit pa ilang beses lumabas ang verdict ng kasong ito. kung ndi lng din makatarungan at at totoo. anu silbi nun. d wala rin. nasalang lang ang pagkato at dignidad nung tao. pkibasa ulit ng sinulat mo. for me, its kinda inconsistent eh.=>

  17. tfsr said,

    October 8, 2006 at 3:59 am

    Kababayan, sinusundan mo ba ang kaso ni ‘Nicole’, ang 22 taong gulang na ginahasa sa Subic?

    Ano ba ang kabuluhan nito sa atin?

    Sabi ng iba, “kung matino kasi yang babaeng yan, di siya dapat nasa bar at naglalasing”. Pabirong sabi naman ng ilan na sana sila na ang ginahasa at baka nalahian pa sila ng puti na asul ang mga mata.

    Kababayan, kelan pa ba naging tama ang panggagahasa? Kelan na ba naging ‘deserving’ ang isang babae na gahasain?

    Liban pa, unti-unti namang nalilinawan sa ating, hindi masamang tai si ‘Nicole’. Napunta sila sa Subic at sa bar na iyon sa imbitasyon ng isang kaibigan ng pamilya.

    At kung si ‘Nicole’ ay nagtatrabaho nga sa bar, pababayaan natin siya dahil hinusgahan natin siya sa pagpasok sa ganoong trabaho? Pag ganyan, parang inilibing natin ng buhay ang dati nang sadlak sa kahirapan. Noong panahong di pa napapaalis ang mga base, marami na ang naiulat na kaso ng pang-aabusong sekswal ng mga sundalong US sa mga Pilipina.

    Nakakarating sa Pulis ang kaso, pero walang umabante para malitis sa korte, ipinalagay na ang lahat ay bahagi ng pagpuputa ng mga Pilipina. Tuloy, bago nauso ang larawan ng mga Pilipina sa abroad bilang domestic worker, “puta” ang dominanteng larawan ng Pilipina.

    Suportahan natin si ‘Nicole’. Nangahas siyang lumaban kahit napakalakas ng kalaban, kahit grabe ang presyur na siya ay tumahimik na lamang. Pagkat ayaw niyang marami pang maging biktima ng panggagahasa. Pagkat ayaw niyang patuloy na tinatratong baboy ang Pilipino.

    Suportahan natin si ‘Nicole’. Huwag nating hayaang tuloy-tuloy na magamit ang yaman at kapangyarihan ng malakas na bansa para makaiwas sa akmang kaparusahan ang mga rapists.

    Tumulong tayo kay Nicole at tumulong tayong iukit ang bagong Kasaysayan ng bayang Pilipinas!

    Katarungan para kay ‘Nicole’!

    Katarungan para sa bansang Pilipinas!

  18. efren antiporda said,

    October 26, 2007 at 7:05 am

    after all is said and done, the wheel of justice Philippine style has made a great mistake in believing a concerted scheme to discredit the VFA through a woman of questionable character. I see a grand scheme from anti-american groups setting up this dastardly act with demonic wisdom

  19. patricia sumari said,

    September 18, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Rape is done with a sick mind.Major roland vilela was filed charges because his wife manipulated a girl to sue him..obviously,the wife who is in CIDG pro 11 insp Royina Garma-vilela is so desperate to win back his husband..she is treatening the man that hell be charged so he cannot take the bar exam..luckily,the wife wins..make sense!

  20. patricia sumari said,

    September 18, 2008 at 6:01 am

    Major Roland Vilela was axed in the PNP chain because of his wife who is a member of 1997 pnpa as well…its so hard to get a police wife also.If you dnt want her anymore,she will file charges against you..and take everythng from you..including your car,house,jewelries and even your soul and take you to hell..

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