TOWNS clears controversies raised by state prosecutors

Recent news reports quoting people involved in the Subic rape case, particularly members of the government prosecution panel, alluded to a fund-raising activity of The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (TOWNS) Foundation at the premiere of the ballet “La Bayadere,” which featured Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, last August 11.

As a TOWNS awardee, Lisa offered to donate the proceeds of tickets that TOWNS members could sell.TOWNS Foundation is an organization of outstanding women awarded for their contributions to the nation’s service. Because TOWNS believes that rape is a crime of violence against women, TOWNS undertook to support Nicole in her quest for justice. Among the TOWNS members most directly involved in this case are Atty. Evalyn Ursua and Dr. June Lopez who chose to volunteer their services.

In behalf of the members of TOWNS Foundation who have openly declared support for justice to prevail in the Nicole case, and to set the record straight, we state the following:

1. TOWNS fully supports Nicole’s struggle for justice in whatever forum in court or in the eyes of the Filipino public.

2. TOWNS is committed to work for justice and truth and as such, stands fully and steadfastly behind Atty. Ursua and Dr. Lopez and continues to believe in their integrity and competence.

3. TOWNS categorically denies that there is any problem involving finances pertinent to the case, and would like to assure all our members and supporters that we will exercise due diligence and transparency in the management and disbursement of funds we have managed to raise in this and other fund-raising ventures.

                                                – From the members of TOWNS Foundation


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