Open Letter for Nicole

(Bukas na Liham Para Kay Nicole)

Mahal naming Nicole,

Kami ang mga kababaihan sa Women’s Crisis Center ay nagpapahayag ng aming matinding supporta at pakikiisa sa iyong pakikipaglaban sa kaso.

Ang Women’s Crisis Center ay isang pribadong organisasyong nagbibigay ng kumprehensibo at sensitibong serbisyo para sa kababaihan at batang biktima ng karahasan. Sa aming 17 taong pakikiisa sa mga biktima ng karahasan laban sa kababaihan, nauunawaan naming mahirap ang iyong pinagdadaanan sa ngayon. Hindi maraming babae ang naglalakas loob na sumuong sa legal na proseso. Alam nating lahat na ito ay masalimuot lalo na para sa isang babaeng nagahasa.  Hindi lang ang kaso mo ang nililitis kundi kasama pa rito ang ang iyong dangal at buong pagkatao.

Malayo pa tatahakin ng ating lipunan bago tuluyang maintidihan ang mga katulad mong biktima ng karahasan at makapagbigay ng tunay na hustisya at paghihilom. Alam din naming masakit para sa iyo na makita na ang mga taong inaasahan mong magtanggol sa iyo ay siya ngayong bumabatikos sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya.

Sa kabila ng mga batikos sa iyo, kami ay nananatiling naniniwala sa iyo na ikaw ay isang biktima. Humahanga kami sa tatag at tapang ng loob na pinapakita mo sa gitna ng mahirap na prosesong iyong pinagdadaanan.

Kami ay handang umunawa, dumamay at sumuporta sa iyong pakikibaka. Hindi ka man manalo sa korte, panalo ka pa rin sa mata ng kababaihan at ng buong Sambayanang Pilipino.

Women’s Crisis Center
18 September 2006



  1. Arnold said,

    September 23, 2006 at 6:07 am

    Seventeen years na pala ninyong ginagawa ito. So, one would expect na meron kayong procedures to determine the veracity of the charges of the people you claim to help.. So, for our own edification how did you determine that nicole’s charges are indeed true?

    And in cases where the charges of your ‘victims” are proven false, what do you do? Do you help rebuild the lives of those who were falsely accused?

    Anita Hills charges were found to have no basis. Tawana bradley’s charges were, and through her own admission, were all made up. Yet all these women’s rights organiztion, so loud in their support, made no apologies to the people they strongly accused as monsters. In fact, they continue to champeon these liars claiming they opened the doors of liberation for women.

    If you present a credible position, stating why you believe nicole, despite the circumstances surrounding her case, then maybe you may be able to persuade people to your side.

    With your current position, balaming everyone, falsely accusing those who are unconvinced to be against justice, claiming nicole to be a symbol of Filipina womanhood, making this case a fight between the Philippine and American governments, you can only persuade yourselves.

  2. sydney said,

    September 25, 2006 at 6:02 am

    “claiming nicole to be a symbol of Filipina womanhood”

    oh my, what happened to Maria Clara? obsolete na ba tlga ang turing sa kanya. nakakalungkot. Filipinas used to be regarded as very modest and respect worthy.

    Filipina womanhood = nicole = walang pagpapahalaga sa sarili.

    wag naman po. mas okay si sarah jane, kasi kinailangan nyang gawin yun dahil sa kahirapan…eh si nicole anong dahilan nya kung di nya kailangan ng pera?

  3. melba said,

    September 25, 2006 at 10:02 pm

    Sydney, I suggest it’s about time you review our history (include the pre-spanish one and the stories outside of imperial manila) andalso Jose Rizal’s take on Maria Clara so you will understand why believing that “Maria Clara is a symbol of Filipina womanhood” is an obsoleteand erroneous notion.

  4. sydney said,

    September 27, 2006 at 5:00 am

    melba, i guess its about time for to stop putting nicole on the pedestal.

    Filipina womanhood = nicole = walang pagpapahalaga sa sarili.

  5. sydney said,

    September 27, 2006 at 5:29 am

    melba, i suggest it’s about time for you to stop putting nicole on a pedestal as if she’s the patron saint of ‘rape daw’ victims…hehehe no offense meant.

  6. melba said,

    September 27, 2006 at 9:38 am

    Ah, another erroneous assumption and generalization. Nobody is venerating “Nicole” for her to be called a saint.

    Instead, she is supported in her fight for justice because the institutions/personalities expected to assist her were more concerned on their image and collegiality than protecting their own.

    Each victim has her own story to tell, they don’t need a model in order to confront their own traumatic experience. All they need is understanding and support if only to survive their “death” from the gruesome experience and prejudices.

  7. "maggie" said,

    September 28, 2006 at 2:10 pm
    I just wondering if Nicole feel the same with this girl. Sana ay ganito rin si Nicole na matutong magpatawad. Hindi sya magiging maligaya sa buhay kahit pa magkamit sya ng milyong salapi kung lagi namang may bumubulong sa konsensya nya na ang mga taong ipinakulong nya ( if ever) ay may mga anak at pamilya ring naghihintay at nagmamahal. Nicole, buksan mo naman ang puso mo. Para magkaroon ka ng tunay na kapayapaan at katahimikan sa buhay, kung gusto mo talagang makamit ang hustisya.

  8. melba said,

    September 28, 2006 at 11:20 pm

    Oh, you’re back! I’ve read that article before and honestly I even avoided my own impression of her letter because I did not want to judge the merit of her claim of deliverance from the trauma of rape.

    Nothing in that article mentioned of forgiveness towards the abuser. It only spoke of submission by holding on to some thought or idea that brought security to the person.I am sorry but I only noticed varied mental mechanisms at play, denial and suppression are just two of them.

    Like many rape victims, she is inclined to self-blame as if the entire circumstance only revolved around her decision to agree on the date. She is, in fact, until now not enlightened regarding the accountability of the male abuser. This is perhaps the reason why she never spoke of forgiving the perpetrator but was only more poised to forgive her self. And so one can only imagine how many innocent women were raped by the same guy, only because all of her victims tended to believe the entire thing was never his fault but theirs?

    There are many women who are like her. Quietly struggling afraid of confronting their own demons. That until now they have conflicting feelings on addressing their issue of rape and abuse. Religion and faith are by far the usual source of empowerment or the primary means of escape. Though I agree that faith can help attain healing but I also believe it is not the sole mechanism lest it will be palliative.

    Maggie, it is obvious that you are not really concerned about Nicole’s peace and well-being. And frankly no amount of money can ever buy her that. The accused US marines were never concerned about their families when they went out drunk and galivanting that night ending in that alleged commission of rape. Do not assume that it is Nicole’s responsibility to appease the family of joyriding men.

    While, it may be true, healing can also be claimed. Most abused women for a number of reasons deny their gruesome circumstance. They sometimes wrongly rationalize the abuse if only to show that it is not the abusers fault but theirs as if they deserve it.

    More importantly, healing is not finding the reason why a victim should not feel the pain and forgiveness is not defined as letting an abuser go scot-free because if this is what you want, these are best aptly described as denial and cowardice.

  9. anne said,

    December 8, 2006 at 6:17 am

    yah sydney you’re right…girls who behave like nicole are the women that don’t really care about themselves…because if they do, they would put theirselves into safety…when im in my early teens, i always here my mom tell me that in order for me to be respected by those guys, i must put myself on top by behaving decently…she experienced those things because she had seeks for it…if im nicole, i wouldn’t go to those places even though i was with somebody that i know because i am afraid of the impression i might leave with the people who saw me…unless, she really wanted what happend but to her dismay everything doesn’t end well!

  10. angel said,

    December 16, 2006 at 1:17 am

    i agree anne bago ka respetuhin ng ibang tao you must learn how to respect yourself. i really pity daniel smith hindi dahil gwapo siya kaya ako kumakampi sakanya its just that i strongly believe that he didnt rape nicole this was all part of nicoles games and lies i just feel sorry that smith had to suffer all of this.
    ann did u watched the news lastnight sa 24 oras? may mga taong lantarang nagpapahayag sa media ng supporta nila kay smith may contact number yung tao so we can join. let me know okay. heres my email

  11. ed noel said,

    March 21, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    So now that Nicole has retracted her statement what is WCC’s stand on this?

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