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 [edited 11/18/06: We are allowing comments again, but subject to moderation. You may still express opposing views but must (1) not use degrading language, and (2) respect fellow commenters, especially those who do not agree with you.]

As much as we wanted to provide democratic space in this blog, we are forced to take this measure to protect Nicole. We may even have to shut down this blog if some of you persist in dumping garbage in it.

We have observed that most of the comments in this blog are coming from only one person who has been using different names. We know because we have the IP addresses, internet service providers, and location of everyone who writes a comment.

Why anyone would deliberately assume different identities and spend an inordinate amount of time commmenting on this blog is beyond us. But we have our suspicions.

The comments have been toxic, full of hate, mischief and black propaganda. But we allowed them because we wanted to know what the public has to say about the case. But they have gone to the extent of revealing and spreading the true identity of the rape victim, which is an intolerable violation of the good intentions on which this blog was built.

While some bloggers may have opposing views and may not support Nicole, nobody has the right to destroy her. Nobody has the right to violate anyone’s privacy.

We never imagined that any person could be so inhuman.

But before we disappear from cyberspace, allow us to answer some of the points raised:  

  1. We have not received a single centavo to keep this blog going. We only disseminate the information that Nicole’s supporters want published. 

  2. You ask why of all the rape victims, why do we support only Nicole. The groups supporting Nicole have been supporting rape victims for a long time. You just didn’t hear of them. Nicole was simply one of the most prominent rape victims and her case got extensive media coverage.

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