On Nicole’s affidavit and Smith’s acquittal

I know we haven’t opened this blog for a long time. I was alarmed to read all your comments. I just wanted to say this:

No, we are not mad at Nicole for what she did. We still think kindly of her. We understand her, and we know without a doubt that she was raped.

Her affidavit was not a recantation. Also, Nicole was only one witness to the case. There were others who described her condition at the club. They also confirmed what she drank. A team of toxicologists calculated her blood alcohol level based on the drinks.

There are three other conditions for rape apart from sexual coercion:

1. Victim is mentally retarded.

2. Victim is psychotic.

3. Victim is drugged or intoxicated.

Nicole’s case fell in the third condition. Per her blood alcohol level at that time, she was not in any position to give consent. Smith took advantage of her vulnerable and intoxicated state.

We will be getting together this weekend. We’ll post something after then.